You should be an ACRA member because…


ACRA Members are:

Inspirational        Coach each other      Encouraging         Instruct each other          Supportive             Challenge each other             Reflective              Share with each other        Committed                         Friendly     Passionate      Joyful

Membership is open to all.

Most of our members are teachers, administrators and others connected with education.

  • Annual Membership Fee: $40
  • Student Membership Fee $20
  • NEW! ACRA School MembershipsAll for only $100!
    *Three passes for each ACRA professional development workshop
    *Membership in CRA
    *School Subscription to THE CALIFORNIA READER
  • NEW! Free ACRA Parent Membership

Enroll online! By being a member of ACRA you will receive:
imgres-7  Membership in a professional educational association
imgres-7 Membership in your county reading association
imgres-7 A chance to keep updated on important educational issues
imgres-7 New ideas, inservice and professional growth
imgres-7 Practical classroom ideas
imgres-7 Research and legislative updates
imgres-7 Networking, fellowship and fun at meetings and conferences
imgres-7 Automatic membership in the California Reading Association
which provides: The California Reader, CRA’s  quarterly  publication
imgres-7 Membership in a statewide professional association All CRA mailings
imgres-7 Free admission to all ACRA programs* *except those including a meal
imgres-7 Discounts to CRA programs and activities

Join ACRA and CRA –

1. School Membership PDF Form. This may be filled out online, printed & mailed along with your check. ACRA School Membership
2. Join online! These links will take you to the CRA website where you can join or renew your membership.