Is Literacy a
Worthy Cause?

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Dear Education Supporter,

 Is literacy a worthy cause?  Since 1961 Alameda County Reading Association has been an organization of teachers and other interested individuals who work to increase the literacy abilities of children through school and community experiences in Alameda County, California. We examine research about best practices and spread the word through events and conferences each year. The mission of ACRA is to empower educators, inspire students, encourage leadership and provide resources to make literacy accessible for all.

 We are a group of volunteers who believe that the ability to read and write can change the trajectory of students’ lives, particularly to escape the cycle of poverty.   ACRA has been influencing the education of students for the last 57 years.  We are affiliated with the California Reading Association (CRA) and the International Literacy Association (ILA).  We are seeking philanthropists who share our belief and want to make a difference in a child’s world.

 Our only source of income is our membership fee. What we offer to our local community does not generate revenue. For example, our parent workshops are free and members do not pay for the teacher professional development events we provide. Our international work of supporting an educator in a third world country also comes from our working budget.  We find ourselves in need of philanthropists who will help fund ACRA’s activities so it can continue to fulfill its mission.

 This year, we are seeking donations to help maintain a working budget.  These funds will help us pay for the following expenses:

·      Professional Development for teachers

·      Books to give away to teachers, students and parents

·      Printed material to give to teachers and parents

 We are a non-profit organization and your contribution is tax deductible. Our Tax ID through our affiliation with CRA is 30-0992498.  You may send your donation to 4567 Balmoral Park Court, Fremont CA 94538.  Please make check payable to CRA.  You can also donate online by completing the form above and clicking the link to go to the Payment Page.

 We hope you will consider donating to the Alameda County Reading Association and help us promote this worthy cause.  


 Wendy Rodrigues

ACRA President  

Thank you for your Donation

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