2018/19 Mini Grant Winners

Shea Gregory:
Shea is a teacher at Treeview Elementary  School in the Hayward Unified School District.  She meets once a week with 1st and 2nd grade African-American girls.  She uses interactive read-aloud as a springboard for discussions on culture, identity, and young womanhood.  Through these discussions they build care for one another and grow in confidence and pride in what it means to be a Black girl growing up in America today.  
She wants to expose the girls to all types of literature, but her main focus is text by authors of color with characters who look like the children’s faces before her.  She wants the girls to get used to seeing themselves in text and to feel good about that.  ...and to know that they can write stories about their lives and experiences - that their lives matter and have value.
Shea started the group last year when she saw the girls expressing  internalized anti-black bias.  The interactive read-aloud is the base, and students expand their ideas through writing and art as a means of exploring identity and self-expression.

Click Here to see photos of Shea’s project.

Rodana Breen:
Rodana is the Science Teacher at Pioneer Elementary School in New Haven.  She intends to use the mini-grant funds to add various STEAM KIDS books to their science library.   
She also hopes to be a to purchase STEM kits such as Engino Discovering STEM Newton's Laws Inertia, Momentum, Kinetic & Potential Energy Construction Kit; Crayola Color Chemistry Set for Kids, Steam/Stem Activities; and K’NEX E STEM Explorations: Swing Ride Building Set.

LaTisha Metters
LaTisha is a kindergarten teacher at Pioneer Elementary School in New Haven.
She has been trying for a while to be able to purchase a Magic Reading Carpet for her kindergarten classroom.  The ACRA mini-grant allows her to complete payment and actually own the carpet.

Bee Medders:
Bee Medders is a first grade teacher at Pioneer Elementary School.  She plans to use the mini-grant to purchase materials for the classroom Art and Science Area to promote active learning.  Students have been using the liquid hand soap, paint, markers, water, and empty water bottles to do "experiments". They sure are resourceful!    She also plans to purchase earbuds for the computer. It gets quite loud with the Chromebooks going all at once during small group/learning time.